Capablade software

The Capablade software suite is the ultimate solution for configuration, real-time monitoring and advance post processing for BTC and BTT measurements.

- Traceability of the configuration, calibration and measurement

- Real time measurements

  • High performance tip clearance and time of arrival measurement allowed with the specific least-square fitting algorithm of the blade passing waveform
  • Real-time monitoring of all blades casing to tip clearance variation under thermal and Centrifugal effects
  • Real-time monitoring of all blades deflection amplitudes and frequencies
  • Shaft orbiting tracking and relative casing deformations detection
  • Tip clearance monitoring under rotor barring
  • Alarms and automatic data logging triggering under specified input conditions

- Post processing

  • Synchronous resonance analysis: frequency, amplitude, damping, mistuning
  • Asynchronous vibrations characterization
  • Data display and file exports

- Options/Customizations

  • Long-term blade health monitoring
  • Axial and radial displacement measurement through specially arranged shaft instrumentation
  • Integration and correlation with operational data and conventional measurement (pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Customized Ethernet data streaming for integrated condition monitoring platforms