Fogale Sensors develops, manufactures and markets capacitive sensors for a broad range of applications. For turbomachinery blade tip monitoring and static measurements, Fogale offers a full line of standard and customized sensors, applicable from low to high temperature.
Low temperature sensors

For applications from 2°K to 200°C gas temperature, Fogale low temperature sensors are either triaxial or pseudo-triaxial, with measurement range from 0-2mm to 0-26mm. Low temperature sensors can be connected to the conditioning electronic with Teflon cable up to 30m long.

Various casing fitting can be designed and several capacitive sensor technologies are applicable depending on customers’ needs.
High temperature sensors

Fogale pseudo-triaxial high temperature sensors are specifically made for applications in the harsh conditions of HP compressors and turbines. With measurement range from 0-1mm to 0-8mm they stand gas temperatures up to 1400°C without cooling (patented).

High temperature sensors incorporate a mineral cable adapted in both material and length to the routing in area with temperatures >200°C. Operational lifetime of several tens of thousands of hours are ideal for blade health monitoring applications.