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Our engineering team has been a mean for FOGALE Sensors to regularly bids and be part of worldwide, large and cyclical scientific projects such as, for examples, large scientific systems (synchrotron, …) or giant telescopes.

Unique solutions were adopted through research programs to become commercialized products.
They include :

The Alignment Systems product line :

Initially developed to level and align, over distances longer than 1 km, the hundreds of magnets making up the machine of a synchrotron down to a few hundred micrometers, they are also used to measure the deformations of civil engineering structures.

The alignment systems product line consists of two types of sensors :

The Wire Positioning System (WPS) : based on a stretched wire used as a horizontal alignment reference.
The Hydrostatic Levelling System (HLS) : based on a surface of water used as a leveling reference.

The Edge Sensors product line for positioning (with nanometric precision) the hundreds of segments that make up a very large telescope mirrors.

Other dimensional sensors that rely on highly accurate capacitive technologies, that can be customized for multiple metrology applications.