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FOGALE Sensors and Texys join forces to create a new group


On December 19th, 2023, FOGALE Sensors and Texys formed a new group driven by a taste for innovation and an appetite for technological challenges.FOGALE Sensors has been inventing and developing cutting-edge products and technologies in the field of high-precision dimensional measurement, for most demanding industries and extreme environments. With four decades of mastered expertise in capacitive, inductive and optical technologies, FOGALE Sensors has solidified its position as a premier benchmark and preferred partner for marketing and commercializing high-performance solutions (including Sensors, Conditioning, Acquisition and Software), spread across numerous types of measurements such as anticollision, vibration, displacement, or cryogenic mass.For 25 years, Texys has been designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing sensors and solutions for physical measurements (pressure, force, temperature, speed, current, inertia), both on-board and in laboratory, with a Motorsport background and now covering all types of industry. Texys is recognized for its mastery of various technologies: infrared, fiber optics, strain gauges, wireless communication, signal conditioning.FOGALE Sensors and Texys have decided to join forces, with the aim of developing ever more innovative solutions, providing mutual know-how and technological expertise. Capitalizing on the complementarity of each entity, the group’s ambition is to strengthen its position in existing markets and develop new solutions to address high-end customers’ needs in metrology and Human-Machine Interactions for even more performant measurements.Both entities will retain all their infrastructures, while preserving their autonomy. Therefore, your usual contacts remain unchanged.