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Decryptage on BFM Business

Specialized in the development and manufacture of non-contact measurement sensors, FOGALE Sensors has adapted its technologies to robots, in particular to enable them to interact more harmoniously and without danger to humans.

These technologies can be used in the development of robots capable of interacting effectively with humans, this solution can cover robots, or at least certain parts of them, with sensory sensors that detect the approach of a human from 10 or 20 centimetres away, it creates soft-surface skins that can absorb a shock, but also measure touch and finger pressure ….  

In short, technologies that bring greater autonomy and interactivity to robots, making them fully collaborative with people in a wide range of sectors, including industry and medicine.

Some words from Didier Rozière, Chief Technical Officer, at FOGALE Sensors:

“I had the excellent opportunity to speak with Stephane Pedrazzi on BFM Business show #Decryptage about more harmonious interactivity with robots thanks to our long-term expertise in high-precision contactless dimensional metrology, a technology that tackles the most intricate industrial challenges in constrained or extreme environments, I am looking forward to sharing more of our interview!“