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Capital Export organizes an MBO on FOGALE Sensors

Capital Export organizes an MBO on Fogale Sensors, French expert in high precision dimensional metrology

Paris, September 13, 2022. Capital Export, the investment fund specialized in supporting growing exporting companies, is organizing a primary MBO on Fogale Sensors with the support of CELDA Capital Développement and CEPAL Capital Développement. The company designs, manufactures and markets capacitive sensors for industrial and scientific applications in the Medical, Aeronautics, Robotics, Energy and Sustainable Development sectors.
The management team, led by Jérôme Porque, is also a minority shareholder.
Founded in 1983 and based in Nîmes, Fogale Sensors was until now a subsidiary of the French group Fogale Nanotech, which specializes in high-precision dimensional metrology. With a state-of-the-art engineering and innovation unit, Fogale Sensors is recognized worldwide for its
Fogale Sensors is recognized worldwide for its engineering know-how and its scientific and industrial mastery of capacitive technologies.
In the healthcare sector, Fogale Sensors is the only company to have designed approach detection and anti-collision systems to assist nursing staff during surgical procedures.
In the aerospace and energy industries, Fogale Sensors has developed leading-edge technology for turbomachinery: simultaneous blade clearance (BTC) and vibration (BTT) measurement systems used in test bench and gas turbine engines.
Fogale Sensors protects its technology by applying a rigorous and prolific Intellectual Property policy: the company is one of the most active SMEs in patenting, particularly in robotics. Among its inventions, “Smart Skin” is the surface
developed by Fogale Sensors, enabling it to cover robots or mobile systems in order to give them a non-contact detection capacity of their environment, and for example to
avoid obstacles when moving.

The unique know-how of Fogale Sensors in demanding sectors allows it to gain the loyalty of prestigious customers, more than half of which are international.
With the support of Capital Export and its networks around the world, Fogale Sensors will intensify its commercial development, especially in Asia. Fogale Sensors can also count on the prospects opened by its recent innovations: for example, its new anti-collision system which will significantly improve man/machine interactions, especially in the surgical field.
Jérôme Porque, CEO of Fogale Sensors, comments: “The entire management team has been convinced by Capital Export’s support and performance in terms of international support for SMEs. I am happy to start this new step together and confident in our ability to achieve great business achievements in the years to come.
Michel Claret, partner at Capital Export, adds: “Fogale Sensors perfectly matches the French nuggets we like to support: the combination of a rare scientific and industrial mastery, growing niche markets with high barriers to entry, and a strong international bias. We were seduced by this close-knit management team,
and driven by a spirit of innovation. Always looking for new disruptive solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow, we are confident in their strong development capacity.